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Wingspan: 98”

Length: 56.3”

Weight: 24 – 30 oz



50 years ago, the cost of getting started in our great hobby was almost unachievable. Due to the expense of RC equipment, many new pilots chose the path of RC soaring. The simple 2ch sailplane was affordable, easy to build and fly. This was one of the catalysts towards the great soaring boom in the 80’s. The romance of flying a simple 2ch RC sailplane was etched in our hearts and now often Reminisced.


The “Diamond” sailplane captures the romance of those classic soaring times. Its economically priced, extremely straight forward to build and easy to fly.


This is also a perfect model to try your hand at building for the first time. The Diamonds simple construction only requires 25-30 hours of build time.


The kit includes all laser cut parts, spar stock, sheeting and hardware. All you need is your favorite covering, glue, servos and power system to get you up and flying. 


Completion Items:


Motor: SPMXAM1200

Speed Control: EFLA1140W

Propellor: EFL01658

Servos: SPMSA320B

Receiver: SPMAR410
Battery: SPMX13003S30M or SPMX22003S30


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    We love when people show interest in our kits; it means people are building things again, and that makes us happy! Although we would like to have inventory of all our kits, it's often difficult to achieve due to fluctuating demands aligned with our manufacturing capabilities. We are only a small business, so we apologize in advance if your kit is not in stock when you place your order. However, we assure you we will get it done in a timely manner. 

    Kind Regards, 

    Peter Goldsmith

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