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Peter's first aircraft design - Sometime in the 70s


See What Pete is up to!

Peter Goldsmith Designs is an American company that designs, manufactures and distributes model airplane kits. The company was born out of one man’s great desire to encourage building as a valued aspect of the RC community. ​


Each kit has been expertly created by one of the most prolific model aircraft designers of today. His passion towards quality materials, and fine precision, leaves each customer with a quality kit worth putting together. Anyone who purchases a kit can expect that all components have been inspected and packaged to ensure excellence in product and service.


The design standard for each kit is conscious towards ease of construction coupled with great flight performance. PGD kits invite any level of builder to enjoy the process.


Whether you are a seasoned builder looking for a well-engineered aircraft to ad to your fleet, or someone looking to explore how building a model aircraft can enrich modelling experience, Peter Goldsmith Designs has a model kit that will fit your experience level.

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